We so many items to think about when securing your property, there are often some things that are overlooked. Aside from locking doors and windows, there are a number of ways to keep your belongings safe, so read on to see the list of items that most people forget to secure.

Jewellery and collectables

Because of their size, jewellery and collectables can be easily stored and hidden away for protection. However, many people tend to forget to insure their valuables and insurance covers loss, theft and accidental damage – which means jewellery and collectables can be replaced or repaired if required. Small, secure safes are an ideal way to keep them protected at all times.

Power tools

Some of these items can cost a lot of money but because they are quite often in use, they are left out in the open when not stored away in garden sheds. Burglars are aware of their value and will happily steal these items if left lying around. You can easily mark your tools with your postcode using a UV ink pen, which can’t be spotted by the naked eye and can be identified if retrieved by the police.

Passwords and PIN numbers

Banks and card companies usually recommend that PIN numbers and passwords are not written down anywhere in the event of them falling into the wrong hands. Of course, in the modern age we are required to have a password/PIN to access a number of online facilities. The best way to safeguard them is to encrypt or password protect files where they are stored.


Prescription drugs in particular are targets by burglars who will attempt to sell them on the black market. You can easily get replacements from the doctor at a relatively low cost, but this is an important item to protect given that your health depends on them. Keep this sort of medicine away from points of easy access in a secure location.

Personal and private documents

Identity theft flourishes on the black market and it is important that passports, birth certificates, property deeds and tax returns are always protected from prying hands. Keep them in a safe and if you no longer have a need for old ID or personal documents, have them shredded in order to protect yourself for good.