Purchasing and maintaining a motorhome is an expensive investment and you need to make sure you are doing all you can to protect it from potential thieves. There are a number of ways in which this can be done, from basic security measures, right through to specific items that will make it safer. Buying new locks for the doors and windows is the first point of call, but what other products can you buy to further protect your motorhome?

Wheel clamps

Not only do they prevent the vehicle from being moved, they are a visual deterrent too. When secured in-place they are nearly impossible to remove by thieves and as such, few will even make an attempt if they see one in place.

Steering wheel locks

These work in a similar way to wheel clamps, the difference being they are positioned across the steering wheel. Thieves find them cumbersome to remove and usually avoid vehicles that have them installed.


Security systems have become more common place in modern motorhomes. Older models can still be retrofitted with up-to-date alarm systems to help improve security. Most will feature motion sensors, external sensors and even built-in cameras.

Tracking devices

Even in the event of someone stealing your motorhome, a tracking device will make it far easier for the police to retrieve. Due to their small size they can be hidden away from thieves who will be unaware that their activities are being tracked. A signal is sent to a central location who will be able to monitor the vehicle while the information is passed on to the police.


Although not a preventative measure, it is important that you have a policy in place that covers the motorhome and the contents inside. Ensuring you have strong security measures will be a requirement for nearly every insurance company. To keep your policy valid, make sure the locks on your windows are up-to-date and working correctly, as they will be the first areas of access checked by potential thieves.